Yes, A Rubio/Cruz Ticket or a Cruz/Rubio Ticket Is Possible – Here’s Why

The Republican Party could end up with a ticket that’s 100% mid-forties, 100% Senator, 100% Tea-Party and 100% Cuban.

Yes, I know all the reasons this is unlikely. And if you read the headline and expected me to argue that they will pick each other if one become the nominee, then you are sorely mistaken. In order for this scenario to happen, some assumptions must first be made, most of which aren’t hard to believe:

1. Donald Trump isn’t going away. He will keep racking up delegates and nothing other candidates do will take him out.

2. Donald trump won’t, however, reach a majority of delegates on his own. He may be able to take a lot of winner-take-all states (hopefully not, but it’s very possible), as well as fistfuls of delegates in proportional states, but assuming a 3 or 4 way race splits the vote enough to prevent him from taking 50%+1 – a raw majority – we will have a brokered convention scenario almost certainly.

3. Rubio and Cruz, great though they are, are unable to get a majority of delegates either. But combined, they should have a majority if everything goes well for them.

4. By the time the first round of balloting is completed at the convention, Rubio and Cruz would have realized that forming a ticket (with whichever is stronger in delegate count at the top), is the best way to stop Trump short of some last minute Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan push. In essence, one of them accepts VP in exchange for endorsing the other and encouraging delegates to head over to the other to form a new majority.

Why would a brokered convention play out this way? I’m not certain it would because of how crazy things are, but I can say with near certainty that both Rubio and Cruz would rather work with each other than Donald Trump. They are conservatives at heart and would hate to hand over the conservative movement and Republican Party to a maniac like Trump.

So in closing, if a brokered convention happens, I think this is the most likely of all possible tickets to emerge. That is how a Rubio/Cruz or Cruz/Rubio ticket is still possible.

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