Will Romney Step Off The Bench?

There’s a brewing battle in New Hampshire that may be far more consequential than last night’s Iowa Caucuses. New Hampshire will likely serve as the last stand for multiple Republican candidates, such as Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, John Kasich, and perhaps even Jeb Bush if he has any common sense left.

But New Hampshire is also seriously important for Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. Trump must win, and do so in a way that ends the negative momentum he just received in Cruz’s Iowa upset.

Rubio appears to need second place at the least. If he takes it he can end the campaigns of many of the so called “establishment” candidate below him. If he finishes below any of them, then he is in danger of losing his momentum.

But a first place finish would be even better for Rubio, because it would deal a major blow to Trumpmania as well. And there is one relatively easy way to see this happening – Mitt Romney emerges to endorse Senator Rubio.

Yes, a Romney endorsement carries weight in New Hampshire. As the Boston Globe reported in November, when pollsters add Romney’s name to the mix of candidates, Romney out-polls Trump by a wide margin. He is still that popular.

The Governor could easily push supporters from Bush, Kasich, Christie, and possibly even Trump Rubio’s way. Doing so would almost guarantee a strong Rubio finish, and perhaps even a win if done right.

I’m sure the Rubio campaign is aware of this. I’m sure Governor Romney himself is aware of this. The only question is will he act on it?

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