Who The F&%# Cares What We Call This Thing?

In political news I wish weren’t, we are now engaged in a national conversation over the official name of a big pile of dirt and rocks.



What a ggggrrreeeeaaaatttt insult to Ohio.

As a conservative, it really doesn’t matter to me that we changed the name back to Denali. In fact, that’s the more conservative position in my book, so I don’t know why so many on the right, including many whom I respect care so deeply about this.

Why is it conservative? Because it puts an emphasis on tradition. The mountain previously had its name changed. It changed back, effectively undoing the name change. I see it as no different than if a removed statue were to be put back in its place.

I think Ohio can get along fine without a mountain many miles away being named after a politician. After all, they can still call it Mt. McKinley. What’s going to happen if they do? Who will stop anyone who wants to? All that happened was some official government record keeping got changed and someone updated the Wikipedia page (they’re always quick with that).

We will survive…maybe not Iran getting a nuke…but the mountain thing….America will get passed the mountain.

We should probably be focusing on the whole fascists getting a nuclear bomb problem first. Just a suggestion.

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