What Modern Student Activists and Far Right Ethnic Nationalists Have in Common

There’s a theory in political science that the further you get to either sides’ extremes, the closer those extremes get to one another. In other words, the political spectrum looks more like a horseshoe in reality than a straight line.

Throughout history we see many examples of this, the most famous (or infamous) being Hitler and Stalin. Technically, they were on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but they were both heavy-handed, violent, nationalistic, mass murdering d-bags who centralized political power and economic decision making.

I’ve noticed a similar, although much less serious trend with “cultural appropriation.” If you’re on a college campus you’ve heard that anyone belonging to the “dominant” culture (whites) cannot adopt anything from another culture without “appropriating” from them.

The biggest case of cultural appropriation activists usually point to is Halloween. Take UMass Amherst for example. Here, the Student Government President sent out an email warning fellow students about wearing culturally insensitive Halloween costumes. At campuses across the country, posters have been put up warning students that “it’s a costume, not a culture.” Wearing anything that may have been created, even in part, from the input of another culture is now horrible.

Before I continue, Bill Maher ripped this nonsense apart beautifully in a rant on his show last week. If you haven’t seen the clip, I highly recommend it:


So why exactly is it bad for cultures to take from one another? Regardless of whether it is done in jest (Halloween), or seriously (food, language, clothing), this is how humans tend to advance and improve themselves. Culture, after all, is simply defined as a shared set of ideals, beliefs, customs, attitudes, etc…

There are parts of some cultures that are better than others. So, naturally, we would expect people and countries to pick from all cultures to create a superior, more successful melting pot. Should Europeans get angry when non-Europeans are celebrating Christmas or Halloween? No, because even though these holidays are part of European culture, they have been adopted by many others since they are fun.

I guess this is the best way to summarize things – You do not have exclusive rights to certain beliefs, ideals, and customs due to your skin color. You did not create these things, your ancestors did. You are as far removed from them as others, of different ethnicities, are today.

This line of thinking from the contemporary left – being opposed to races and cultures mixing, is no different than ethnic-nationalists who want to separate the races into differing states. Let humans intermix, interbreed, share ideas, take from what works around the world, and get off your God-damn high horses. You student leftists are sounding more and more like the far-right every day.

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