U.C. Berkeley Professor Hamid Algar – Anti-Semitic Extremist & Racist?

Hamid Algar is a professor Emeritus at U.C. Berkeley, who has focused in on Persian Studies.

The Professor has a long history of holding very radical views and displaying hostility to minority groups.

Firstly, in 1998 he reportedly verbally assaulted Armenian students regarding the Armenian genocide.The San Francisco Chronicle reported:

“According to a report from the Student Advocate office, Hamid Algar, a professor of Near Eastern Studies, was within his rights last year when he confronted a student group assembled at the famous outdoor forum to mark the genocide of Armenians in the Turkish Ottoman empire.

Algar challenged the veracity of the genocide claim in the April 1998 incident, and then told members of the Armenian Students Association: “I wish it was (true), you lying pigs.”

After an angry exchange with one student who claimed the professor spit on him, Algar called them “stupid Armenians” who were “deserving” of massacre.”

His hostility barely ends there. He is also on record for stating the following:

“Let us remember the comprehensive Jihad that starts with our own persons and should also embrace our communal and political lives and if necessary go to the point of taking weapons in our hands to defeat the enemies of Islam.”… “Let us remember the clear analysis of the West that Imam (Khomeini) gave us … as a collection of international bandits … Let us also remember his insistence that the abominable genocide state of Israel completely disappear from the face of the globe.”

Massacring Israelis too? Well in a 2008 lecture he used “Zionist” as a derogatory term. He refered to then Senator Obama as an “Afro-Zionist.” Watch below (it happens in the first 20 seconds):

Why was this guy teaching students for decades? Who knows. 

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