Time to Support the Message Not the Person

Donald Trump says, “We don’t win anymore.”  Just being born in The United States of America starts life with the biggest win of all.  Your odds of a better life than most are greater than being born anywhere else no matter who you are.  Of course, our position in the world has eroded in the past 7 years.  Our economy suffers under the increasing weight of our ever-expanding national government.  Our foreign policy suffers from bad underlying assumptions in the White House.  But we are still the greatest nation every created by freedom-loving people.

Mr. Trump says “Our leaders are stupid.”  In most cases, no, they are merely trapped in a system that has completely subordinated governance to politics.  This makes it often impossible to effectively govern the nation.  This can be fixed.  Speaker Ryan is step one.  President Rubio would be step two.  It requires a positive conservative vision, not more polarizing smash-mouth campaigning.

Mr. Trump says “Marco Rubio has a disaster on his finances.”  This is a classic Trump example of a slimy, already debunked comment delivered at about a 4th-grade level of speaking.  Come on people, is this really what we want?  There is a lot of room between this type of over-simplicity and typical Beltway-speak.

Mr. Trump’s vaunted Twitter activity is way below that of Marco Rubio’s, just to give one example.  Investigators are already identifying fake accounts as well.  Do we really want this?

Mr. Trump’s basic campaign message is to point out poll results that favor him, numbers of people at speeches, and how great he is.  This is the approach of the huckster.  When Mohammed Ali said, “I am the greatest,” at least he was believable.  Pick Rubio, Cruz, Caron, or Fiorina, whoever you prefer at this point, and move on.

Putting the overt racism, bigotry and stupidity aside, if you support Mr. Trump because of some vague notion that he will go to D.C. from the “outside” and “kick butt,” you will be sadly disappointed in the outcome.  If successful, his approach will create economy-destroying trade wars and heightened conflicts among our citizens.  If unsuccessful, he will just be another laughingstock.  The current President is a flim-flam man, we don’t need another.

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