The Top 50 Engineering Schools in America

Today, too many college graduates end up in debt and too little find employment opportunities in their fields of choice. Take a hint, and consider a more difficult degree with better results.

Engineering is one of the best majors for anyone to get, because it is both in demand and pays well over your career. So if you’re going to college soon, keep this list in mind. This is our ranking of the top 50 engineering schools in America. Some are well known, others on here could surprise you.

50. University of Virginia

49. Washington University in St. Louis

48. University of Florida

47. University of California Santa Barbara

46. University of Notre Dame

45. Iowa State University

44. Yale University

43. Vanderbilt University

42. Lehigh University

41. Dartmouth University

40. University of California Davis

39. Colorado School of Mines

38. University of Southern California

37. North Carolina State University – Raleigh

36. Rutgers University

35. Case Western Reserve University

34. University of Colorado Boulder

33. Brown University

32. University of California San Diego

31. Michigan State University

30. University of Pennsylvania

29. University of Washington

28. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

27. Arizona State University

26. Ohio State University

25. University of California Los Angeles

24. Pennsylvania State University

23.University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

22. Harvard University

21. Duke University

20. University of Maryland – College Park

19. Virginia Tech

18. Texas A&M University

17. Columbia University

16. University of California Berkeley

15. Georgia Institute of Technology

14. Rice University

13. University of Wisconsin – Madison

12. Northwestern University

11. Princeton University

10. John Hopkins University

9. California Institute of Technology

8. Carnegie Mellon University

7. University of Texas – Austin

6. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

5. Purdue University

4. Cornell University

3. University of Illinois – Urbana – Champaign

2. Stanford University

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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