Scott Walker Has Fallen Off The Map – The Wisconsin Governor and Former Front-runner Registered at 2% in Two Recent Polls


Presidential candidate Scott Walker was at one point considered a favorite for the GOP nomination. Earlier this year, he was polling first in the race, even outperforming Jeb Bush for a brief period of time. However, in two new polls, one from ABC News/Washington Post and the other from CBS News/NYT, Governor Walker was only able to receive 2% support nationally.

Here is the Real Clear Politics graph of the 2016 Republican Primary for the past year:

rcp capture


Governor Walker’s orange line has been consistently on the decline for months now, but this 2% support is a new low for the candidate. Experts blame his poor debate performance and bland persona in a field of giants, but regardless of the reason for the falloff, we may be seeing a Scott Walker exit in the coming months.

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