Rutgers University Says There is No Such Thing As Free Speech

Rutgers University has reached a new low by declaring on their website that “There is no such thing as “free” speech.”



The university wants students to report the acts of “bias or hate” they witness. With today’s crazy and out of control campus environment I somehow doubt that would be limited to serious acts of racism, hatred, assault, and more. When students at Rutgers start getting in trouble for “microaggressions” they didn’t know were “offensive” (such as calling America a “melting pot“) Rutgers better get ready for a steady stream of lawsuits. Its status as a public university will make them especially vulnerable. Stomping on the first amendment and outright denying it exists is an outrageous act for a state owned institution.

Update: Rutgers has removed the controversial sentence on their website with no mention of the edit.

h/t Campus Reform.

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