Report: Clinton Camp Says They’ve Already Secured One-Fifth of Delegates For Nomination

According to a report out of Bloomberg Politics, Hillary Clinton’s team has been working hard to secure a large number of “superdelegates” ahead of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. In essence, superdelegates are big party figures who have disproportionate power in picking the nominee. A reported 440 of them have so far committed to backing Clinton. This bring her about 20% of the way to the nomination already, before the voting starts.

The Democratic Party’s rather strong reliance on superdelegates has always struck me as, how you say, undemocratic. If the state primaries are close, and someone like Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden gets withing striking distance of Clinton, this could secure the nomination for her even if the party’s voters don’t want it.

Bloomberg estimates that roughly 713 of the 4491 delegates at the DNC next year will be superdelegates. Since a candidate needs 2246 to win the nomination, a scenario where the people’s vote is overruled isn’t impossible. Clinton already has most superdelegates locked in, barring a total collapse in her campaign, which is a tremendous head start for her over others.

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