Public University to Offer “Queer Lights” Course – Mix Between Electrical Engineering and LGBTQA Issues

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is no stranger to controversy. The public university has been a center of it for years, and this past semester has seen everything from $8,000+ being spent on food for a relatively small event, to warnings about culturally offensive Halloween costumes.

Well on January 27th, the Engineering E-News Letter sent some students an announcement for a new 1 credit course coming to the taxpayer funded University – “Queer Lights.” A screen grab of the email obtained by The Liberty Standard is below:



And here is a link to a similar announcement on the UMass Stonewall Center’s website.

It appears SJW influence is spreading into the STEM fields as well. While both engineering and legal/political issues regarding gay rights are important subjects for universities to tackle, is there really any practicality with combining them? You decide.

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