Professor Who Compared Scott Walker to Hitler Also Thinks Republicans Rig Elections

The crazies of the University of Wisconsin system have been out in full force against Scott Walker recently. Earlier this year, Sara Goldrick-Rab at the University of Wisconsin – Madison was lambasted for comparing Scott Walker to Adolf Hitler. She also started contacting incoming freshmen students via Twitter, suggesting that they go elsewhere because Walker and the state GOP are destroying the university system.

However, she’s much more crazy than just that. After a brief bit of looking, I was able to find some disturbing statements in her Twitter history. She has racked up over 80 thousand tweets over the years, so bear in mind we are likely only scratching the surface.

gop rig

She thought the Republicans were going to rig the 2012 election? And what’s with the word “anymore”….. does she think Republicans have been doing this for a while? Seems like it.

Professor Goldrick-Rab has a good amount of irrational hostility for Republicans. She also thinks they want to “close” education.

close ed

And those “poor white folks” only vote Republicans because they are white supremacists.

poor whites


white achievement


Let’s just tear people down instead of building others up.

It was weird enough when she compared Scott Walker to Hitler. Well University of Wisconsin, do you condemn or condone these statements?

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