No, Marco Rubio’s Abortion Stance Will Not Stop Him From Winning The White House

We all know Chris Christie and Jeb Bush are super duper desperate. After performances in Iowa that can’t be described as anything short of embarrassing, they’ve set their targets on the reputation of Marco Rubio in the Granite State.

Both of them have resorted to attacking Marco from the left on abortion, claiming that he has an extreme position on the issue that won’t fly with general election voters. A stupid argument to say the least.

Chris Christie went as far as claiming that Marco Rubio’s abortion stance is more extreme than Reagan’s, a flat out lie that the Weekly Standard’s John McCormack debunks well. In reality, President Reagan and Senator Rubio have identical positions on abortion.

So what do Americans at large think? Luckily for us, Gallup has been polling this issue for decades, going back to the 70s. Here’s a graph of their data:


As you can see, the country surprisingly hasn’t budged much on this issue in 50 years. President Reagan got elected with generally the same climate the Republicans are facing in 2016.

Furthermore, the people who have keeping abortion accesses unrestricted as their main issue aren’t voting Republican anyway. None of them.

And finally, Rubio has already shown he is willing to fight back on this issue. Most Republicans just take the whole “war on women” label lying down. Not Marco. As he just recently said, “Hillary Clinton is an extremist on this issue,..She believes there should be no such thing as an illegal abortion — even on the due date… And she believes that partial birth abortion should be legal, which is a gruesome procedure that the vast majority of Americans find to be unconscionable.”

He will confront Hillary/Bernie in interviews and at the debates to provide a date for when abortion becomes immoral, something the left neglects to do. Is it 10 weeks in? 25 weeks in? Usually the response is “it’s a decision between a woman and her doctor.”

Marco will paint Hillary as an extremist all while she will attempt the same. I have no question who will win that fight.

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