Morgan State Professor Lawrence Brown Calls GOP, Fox News, Breitbart White Supremacists, Says White Cops Lack Moral Capacity, More

Professor Lawrence Brown teaches at Morgan State University where he is an “assistant professor of public health.” He is also very active in the Black Lives Matter movement.

The far left professor briefly grabbed headlines earlier this year when he requested that white people deposit their “unearned wealth” into black bank accounts.

However, his Twitter activity in the last couple months makes that look like nothing. Brown has attacked Republicans, Israel, police officers, conservative media, and whites who quote the wrong people. Here are some highlights from the public university professor:

fox news

breitbart fox news


The White Citizens’ Council was a vicious organization of American white supremacist that was formed in 1954. Of course, conservative media is consumed by millions upon millions of Americans daily, and equating their content wholesale to that of disgusting racists is ridiculous. It also belittles real racism.


The CCC is another white supremacist organization.




There were many counties that had statistically significant increases in voting Republican, since party preferences can change from region to region over time. In regards to claiming the KKK was the reason behind this change, that’s rather absurd. In the first place, the KKK did not have much influence at that point. It’s most powerful days were already behind it. To think this is ridiculous.



The “other” apartheid? Two forms of apartheid at once? Israel just keeps getting more and more evil in the eyes of leftists.

white cops

white cops2

You might want to look in a mirror to see who is dehumanizing who. Questioning people’s “moral capacity” based on their skin tone and occupation, and suggesting they go out on safaris to kill other humans is disgusting. Our universities seem to consider this acceptable attitudes from faculty though.

He also retweeted the following cartoon. Because he found it interesting? Who knows….

cop kkk better

Theology with Lawrence Brown:


jesus lynch

No one knows any facts about Jesus definitively. There are some who don’t even think he existed. But to claim that his killing was actually a white supremacist lynching is a bit out there….





What? Why does he not want white people to quote someone? Why does he prefer the Panthers to King? Because he doesn’t want peaceful, inspirational rhetoric in the conversation? Saying someone can’t quote a person based on race is flat out fascistic.

Once again, this a professor at a public university.


As someone who isn’t a fan of the Democratic Party, go for it! Would be a great spoiler effect.


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One thought on “Morgan State Professor Lawrence Brown Calls GOP, Fox News, Breitbart White Supremacists, Says White Cops Lack Moral Capacity, More

  • September 12, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    This professor is a race baiter. If anyone is racist it’s him. And the lying, and misinformation is at a premium. He lies more then Obama and Clinton put together.


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