Looks Like Progressives Don’t Care About Democracy After All

Short of an indictment, it looks like Bernie Sanders is going to lose the nomination to Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. He not only has fewer overall delegates (pledged and super both), but he has over 3 millions fewer votes than Clinton at the time of this writing. That gap may only expand given that Clinton is favored in New Jersey, California, New Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Even if Bernie somehow won them all though, it would likely not be enough to close the gap and put him ahead.

To break things down, Clinton has won very populous states, like New York, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and more. Bernie has won some scarcely populated states, like Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. The most populous state he has won is Michigan, which only happened because of the strong union/working class culture of that state, left over from years past.

In other words, contrary to the moans of Sanders supporters, Clinton is the actual choice of the people. Bernie does best in smaller contests, especially caucuses, because he has more volunteers, more energized supporters, and his core group of donors and voters are more politically engaged. Clinton does best with the masses.

Given the fact that Bernie will enter Philadelphia with fewer overall votes, and as a result fewer pledged delegates than Clinton, his supporters are talking about a “brokered convention” where the superdelegates flip the nomination to him against the will of the people.

I’m so old that I remember when progressives bitched about Bush beating Gore, even though Bush had fewer total votes. Suddenly, progressives are all for a group of small elites deciding a Presidential contest. It’s their only way to beat Hillary at this point, and the idea that majority decides suddenly isn’t too appealing


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