Hey Eric Schneiderman, Get Your Hands off of Fan Duel & Draft Kings

The fantasy betting sites Fan Duel and Draft Kings are under fire from the state of New York and other entities across America for being “gambling” outfits. As ESPN reported, “New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman declared Tuesday that daily fantasy sports constitute illegal gambling in his state, and he sent game operators DraftKings and FanDuel cease-and-desist notices in a significant blow to the embattled, billion-dollar industry.”

No, Fan Duel and Draft Kings are not “gambling.” It does in fact take some skills to use them. After all, if you pick a very poor or unbalanced team your odds of winning money decrease. Yes, there is chance involved, but there is chance involved everywhere in life. These sites just aren’t pure luck, like drawing a card or rolling dice, which is true gambling.

Call me crazy, but if Schneiderman is worried about “gambling” hurting people, perhaps he should look into these:

Oh right, it’s okay for the mob of state government to run these scams, but companies doing it (and making it much more fun might I add) is a big no no. Eric Schneiderman is no moral giant. He is a coward. He doesn’t care about people who have gambling problems. He cares about protecting a state monopoly in this area.

I encourage everyone to give these sites a try so we can give statists the finger.

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