Forget Hillary – Donald Trump Praised Chelsea Clinton’s Political Future During The 2012 Campaign

Donald Trump makes no secret of playing both sides of the political aisle. His usual refrain is that he used to pal around with Democrats to further his own interests, but for many years now he has been a solid Republican.

In response to these claims, Senator Cruz has been hammering Donald in the debates for supporting Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Whatever solid Republicanism Donald has is less than 8 years old, Cruz argues, given that he wrote checks to have her elected President. But a mere 4 years ago he was praising Hillary Clinton as a great negotiator and someone who was a strong Secretary of State. Now, the Donald concludes after examining the very same record, she is the worst there has ever been.

Well, another series of comments that aren’t even 4 years old has come to our attention. In them, Mr. Trump praises Chelsea Clinton, and encourages the daughter of the Democrat power couple to enter politics herself, saying that Chelsea is a “winner”, and will be a “major success.”


The full comments from the above tweet extender are here, since they didn’t fit into 140 characters:

“Chelsea Clinton will be very successful in the world of politics. She’s always been a great person–a winner. With parents like hers, she will be a major success.”

Soon after:


And of course, he praised Bill Clinton’s DNC speech to boot:


Last time I checked, Chelsea has no plans of advocating for conservative policies. A successful Chelsea Clinton means more leftist positions hoisted on Americans.

This shouldn’t shock anybody of course. Trump has been sucking up to the Clintons for decades, with little if any reciprocal comments to speak of. What could go wrong with nominating him to face off against the Clinton machine?

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