Dropout Guys, You Are Hurting the Party

This race is now down to a handful of Republican candidates. If you haven’t realized that yet, your name might be Lindsey Graham.

The GOP nominee is almost certainly going to be one of the following people – Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or Donald Trump. There’s still a possibility that Chris Christie, who has seen momentum in New Hampshire, could come back with a surprise surge. There’s also kind of a chance that Jeb Bush or John Kasich could do the same, although less likely. But ultimately, if your name isn’t Rubio, Cruz, Trump, or Christie, could you do us all a huge favor and move along?

Yes, this is very blunt and brash – but it’s also true. The longer you stay in the race the better Donald Trump’s odds get. The longer you stay in the race, the harder it is to get behind a strong eventual nominee needed to beat Hillary Clinton.

We get it, you have other reasons besides winning to stay in – book deals, speaking fees, making a point about a certain area of policy, or trying out for Vice President. But your points have been made, and your tryouts are done. If you’re still in this for monetary purposes, you are putting the health of the Party, and ultimately the country at risk for your own gains. Not good.

So for the love of God, please save us from a Trump nomination, show some class, and dropout.

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