Dear Sean Hannity, You Failure

Dear Sean “Halloween is a liberal Holiday” Hannity,

With all due respect, you’ve been a complete failure. Not in life – you have a lot of fame, money, and I’m sure a lovely family. Rather, you’ve failed ideologically.

You see, you’ve been a thought leader on the right for well over a decade now. But your combined time on the nation’s airwaves – T.V. & radio alike – as well as your books, have yielded very little in terms of tangible results.

This is true of the conservative movement in general of course. Baby-boomer conservatives have failed my generation by leaving us a country with tremendous debt, lower international status, a weaker cultural framework, a broken education system, and a people who have lost their morals to the point where divorce and single motherhood are at insane levels. This is the America I, and others my age (21) have inherited from you. It’s going to be our task to fix it up, or lose it forever going forward.

However, you, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Stephen Bannon, and so many others decided to tie yourselves to the Trump Train this election cycle and forsake the cause. You decided that this momentary populist burst was more important to you than the long game of conservative principles and American restoration. Why? Because of the “establishment,” of course. It’s the fault of those pesky Republicans in Congress for failing us, by not using their “power of the purse” to defund Obama’s “agenda,” as you mention almost every time you’re on the air.

Listen Sean, unless the GOP has a 2/3rds majority in both houses, every change in spending levels needs to be approved by President Obama via a signature. Are you asking for another shutdown where we try to force his hand into accepting things that he would otherwise veto? Is that what you think the chicken Republicans should be doing?

If you haven’t noticed, Republicans have done well with what they’ve been given – since they took over the House in 2010, we’ve seen a massive reduction in the size of the yearly deficit, and Obama hasn’t gotten anything major through, with the one exception of his executive amnesty which was just nullified by the courts.

But I guess stopping progressives in their tracks and rolling conservatism forward slowly isn’t appealing to you. It doesn’t satisfy me either, but it is far more than a President Trump would do.

Not only would Trump expand the power of the executive branch further – he has called for no changes to entitlements (the “unfunded liabilities” your friend the Great One has been yelling about for years), and he wants to increase domestic and military spending as well, all while reducing tax revenue. This is fiscal insanity, and would actually accelerate our already bleak trajectory towards calamity. But he is the man you want.

You’ve cursed young conservatives like myself with the task of defending the GOP and the right against accusations of “Trump” for decades. Think liberals wouldn’t shut up about Bush? Well that’s going to be a fond memory going forward. Yet, this is the man you want.

I truly don’t get why Trump would be better for the long term health of the country than Hillary. With Trump, we risk 8 years of bad Presidents. If he wins and ends up hurting conservatism and advancing bad policies, we would be stuck between Trump and a Democrat again in 2020. In other words, 2024 is the first shot conservatives would have at getting someone elected. If Hillary wins, it would be 2020.

So, if Trump is at risk of being a bad POTUS, it actually makes perfect strategic sense for conservatives to pass on supporting him. It’s something you’re not getting, or don’t care to see. We aren’t passing on Trump because we are stubborn “assholes,” Sean. We are passing on him because he isn’t a good enough alternative to Hillary to justify waiting twice as long to get an actual conservative in office. That doesn’t mean he isn’t better, perhaps just not better enough.

He has no ideological core. He’s power hungry. He’s morally bankrupt. He’s not someone who deserves the same job title as Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan.

So if Trump loses in November, you can go ahead and blame myself and others if it makes you feel better, as you and Laura Ingraham did on your show this week. You of course know that there aren’t enough #NeverTrumpers to throw the election in swing states, and if you think we can influence others to that extent, you’re still grasping at straws.

No, you know very well that if Trump loses, and big, it will be because he, not us, turned millions of people off to his campaign. College educated whites for example, are a group Trump is actually losing now, even though Republicans have won it consistently beforehand. This isn’t because of Bill Kristol. This is clearly because of Trump’s inane bravado, his gaffes, and his ridiculous policies.

If you believe the country is dying, and the GOP has failed, then it may be best if you gave up your job. Give someone else a shot Sean, because under your guardianship conservatism has turned into a dumpster fire.

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