Clinton Surrogates: Eyes Wide Shut

Assorted Clinton surrogates (e.g. Senator McCaskill, Ellen DeGeneres, Geraldo Rivera) amazingly continue to spout the party line for Mrs. Clinton.  Ms. DeGeneres has actually claimed that issues of emails and the Clinton Foundation are basically sexism, and specifically regarding the Clinton emails, “they have found nothing.”   Nothing.  Really.  It is clear by now that Secretary of State Clinton ignored Administration and State Department rules and regulations, very likely broke laws, and his been lying about it since.  Plenty has been “found.”

What has not yet been found it is what will finally put a stop to the surrogate silliness:  the announcement by the FBI that the Clinton email server was professionally “wiped” (a specific process used by people to render deleted materials unrecoverable), and/or the actual recovery of deleted emails.  There was no need to delete “personal” emails from the server.  What has obviously been deleted are emails that former Secretary Clinton and her staff did not want anyone to see.  What is likely most damaging are emails showing additional influence peddling on the part of the Clintons and their Foundation while she was Secretary of State.

What causes supposedly intelligent professional people to make ridiculously false public statements about this situation?  Betting that Mrs. Clinton becomes President and will owe them something?  The cynicism boggles the mind.  Mrs. Clinton does not need to apologize as much as all the silly people defending her after 25 years of continuous ethical bobbing and weaving.

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