Bush Backer Supports Obamacare Taxpayer Bailouts? Does Bush Too?

It’s no secret that the Bush operation is getting desperate. Jeb and his superpac Right to Rise are attacking Rubio, Cruz, and Trump, the generally accepted current top three in the race for the GOP nomination.

For those who don’t know, Right to Rise is run by Mike Murphy, a GOP consultant out of Los Angeles. He is pretty active on Twitter, and has been retweeting some attacks on Marco Rubio recently. Not surprised? Well, you should be, because they are attacks that come far from the left of the Florida Senator.

Rubio has been given credit for dealing a blow to corporate welfare, found in Obamacare’s initial prevision that allowed for bailouts of health insurance companies. Conservatives overwhelmingly applaud this effort, because it stops crony capitalism and undermines a law they deeply hate at the same time. But not Mike Murphy. Here’s a couple of his Thursday retweets:




Murphy links to a leftist editorial in the L.A. Times attacking Rubio for undermining Obamacare.

Why would this be something Bush and Right to Rise would oppose? We only assume because Bush is more lenient on Obamacare than other Republicans in the race.

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