A Great Historical Opportunity

We are told that the American people don’t really care all that much about the “race” for Speaker of the House of Representatives, all they want is for Congress “to work again.”   Someone should ask two poll questions:  Do you care about this, and do you think the next Speaker should come from inside or outside the House?   In fact, such questions are not needed because the answers are fairly obvious.  About half would “care,” and about 60% would say “outside.”  If you ask only those who care, even more would suggest that now is the time to look outside the institution for leadership, for all the same reasons that a majority of primary voters seem attracted to so-called outsiders for president.

Amid all the debate about the goals and tactics of the House Freedom Caucus, we offer this wisdom from the regular folks:  we don’t care about the ideological purity of the Republican party nearly as much as the chattering heads do, rather, we would like to see strong policy debate occur within a national government that makes us proud to be Americans, which requires adult behavior in Washington.  It is time to apply the Trump/Fiorina logic to the House.  Time for someone with a senior business background to come in and “run the place.”  Could it be any worse?

So how does this happen?  The Clerk of the House of Representatives requests nominations.  Can anyone make a nomination, or does that need to come from a sitting member?  Does Speaker Boehner control the process?  Would Speaker Boehner be willing do what he has always claimed he wants to do:  govern for the benefit of his party, the House, and the country?  Inquiring minds want to know.

We have previously advocated Carly Fiorina to be the next Speaker.  No offense to the numerous members of the House who have been talking about this on TV, but she would bring a much needed no-nonsense combination of sharpness and professionalism to the position.  History does not afford these opportunities all that often.  Who could come into this position and deal effectively with the stubbornness of House conservatives, the also dysfunctional Senate, and the President on the debt ceiling for example?  Ms. Fiorina or someone like her could pull the Washington crowd out of the ditch and get them back on the road again.  No sitting member of Congress can make that happen.  It’s a different perspective; a new world-view.

Congresspeople are trapped in the system.  Someone who is not part of this problem is needed to lead the way back to normal functioning.  If the current political climate has shown us anything, it’s that the people have caught on to the problem, and know that someone coming into Washington from the outside might be the only way to knock some heads and, at least, make the governmentgreat again.

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